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AWM Clubs & Organization

Art Club
Jazmine Watson Art Club President
Art Club is involved in Community Art Projects that have an impact on our school and the environment around us. Art classes are involved in learning all elements of Art including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. We design, create and explore our world from the past, present and future. We participate in regional and national competitions. Students who choose to major in Art have earned scholarships in many regional Art Schools. Students also attend the Memphis College of Art Summer Programs.
Science Club
Mentors: Robin Nemati, Katie Hutton, Kellie Nelson
President: Brianna Brewer
VP/Secretary: Kya Cavallaro
Reporter: MaryAnna Meridith
Purpose: Exploring the world and making it better through science.
Goals: Community service and furthering our knowledge of the world
We will be working with and growing plants for Katie's Krops in order to feed the homeless.
Robotics Club
The first 6 weeks the club focused on the BEST Robotics Competition that took place in Little Rock in the UALR Basketball Arena, Saturday, November 5. The Academies of West Memphis competed against 27 other schools from all over the state, including one from Alabama an one from Louisiana. The theme was entitled "Bet the Farm". The students had to build a robot that would be able to "harvest corn, plant seeds, turn a water valve to irrigate crops, pick tomatoes and lettuce for sale, and get pigs back into a pen." A notebook detailing our process and timeline as well as a table display were large parts of the scoring too. Along with volunteers in the community and around the school, our students built a robot, programmed it, built a barn complete with live chickens and hay (not satisfied with just a tri-fold board), and created a 32 page notebook chronicling the robot's evolution. At the competition , our team won the Arkansas Traveler Award (equivalent to the 3rd place for display and interview). Eric Mastrofrancesco programmed the robot and completed the notebook; Malik Barnes (in over-alls) acted as our spokesperson in the interview process; David "Boogie" Jackson drove the robot in 5 matches of 3 minutes each, and Charles Simpson was his "spotter".
The team was lead by Coach Brian Webb and Dewanda Kirkland. The students who participated were extremely dedicated, spending time after school on a daily basis from the kick-off September 24 all the way up to the competition date:
Eric Mastrofrancesco, Senior
Byron Emerson, Junior
Michael Skjefte, Sophomore
David "Boogie" Jackson, Sophomore
Charles Simpson, Sophomore
Malik Barnes, Sophomore
Trevor Pulliam, Sophomore
Tanner Cole, Sophomore
Patrick Holmes, Sophomore
The team was also very grateful for the assistance of Makiya Nowles (graduate of West Memphis Christian) and Sean Skjefte (senior at West Memphis Christian and Michael's older brother). West Memphis Christian has done very well in this competition in years past but were unable to compete this year. They were instrumental in our success.
Spanish Club
Spanish Club meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.
Tues. Dec. 6 – Justo Lamas Concert at Nettleton, Spanish Club - This company helps students learn Spanish through inspirational music.
Thurs. Jan 19 – Spanish Club Meeting (Competition Preparations) - Our students will compete in a multitude of competitions: extemporaneous reading/speaking, poetry recitation, drama, talent, art, culture bowl to name a few. Two years ago West Memphis won more awards than any other school.
Thurs. Feb 15 – Spanish Club Meeting (Tamale Supper Preparations) - Mrs. Kirkland's classes will learn how to make authentic tamales in Mrs. Branch's commercial kitchen.
Tues. March 14 – Spanish Club Tamale Supper
Wed. March 15 – National Spanish Exam (Here on Chromebooks)
Some time in April – AFLTA State Foreign Language Competition
May TBA – Salsa con Salsa (Salsa Memphis) - The Spanish Club's final fiesta. The dance company Salsa Memphis will come and teach our students how to dance "Salsa." Mrs. Kirkland will provide "salsa" to snack on.
Coach Information
Mrs. Dewanda Kirkland
Ms. Thelma Smith - judge
Team 2016-17
Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl begins as an activity of the Gifted and Talented Program in the elementary schools. Every elementary in the district selects a team from the students identified as G/T and attend special pull-out classes every week all through the school year. But at the secondary level the only expressions of G/T are the Pre-AP and Advanced Placement classes and quiz bowl.
Quiz Bowl is governed by the Arkansas Governor's Quiz Bowl Association (AGQBA) which is an organization that works under the umbrella of the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA). This means that all our activities comply with the same rules as all other activities and sports. All participating schools are divided into classifications and must meet eligibility requirements. There are regional and state tournaments based on these standards as well. For more information check out the website
Seniors Sophomores Juniors
Captain, Jason Scott Malik BarneBradley Flippo Byron Emerson
Captain, Josh Foster Wallace Crain Tyler Dye
Ervin Jeffries Lee Pouncey Jordan Young
Riley Young Teresa Miller Kobie McCoy
  Desha Parker Dawson Mathis